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General Chairs

  • Rong  Zheng,  McMaster University,  Canada
  • JaeSeung  Song,  Sejong University,  South Korea

Program Chairs

  • Dohyeun  Kim,  Jeju National University,  South Korea
  • Wenbing  Zhao,  Cleveland State University,  USA
  • Chun-Wei  Tsai,  National Sun Yat-sen University,  Taiwan

Advisory Committee

  • Jean-Luc  Gaudiot,  University of California - Irvine,  USA
  • Mohammed  Atiquzzaman,  University of Oklahoma,  USA
  • Tom  Hou,  Virginia Tech,  USA
  • Yi-Bing  Lin,  National Cheng Kung University,  Taiwan
  • C. L. Philip  Chen,  South China University of Technology,  China
  • Dapeng Oliver  Wu,  University of Florida,  USA
  • Keqiu  Li,  Tianjin University,  China
  • Mohsen  Guizani,  The University of Idaho,  USA

Demo/Poster Chairs

  • Jing  Chen,  Wuhan University,  China
  • Yuanqiu  Luo,  Huawei Technologies,  USA
  • Nan  Ding,  Dalian University of Technology,  China

Publication Chairs

  • Xiaobo  Zhou,  Tianjin University,  China
  • Ivan  Lee,  University of South Australia,  Australia

Special issue Chairs

  • Wei  Wang,  University of Macau,  Macau
  • Yueyue  Dai,  Nanyang Technological University,  Singapore

Local Chair

Finance Chair

  • Ning  Chen,  Tianjin University,  China

Publicity Chairs

  • Carmen Ruiz  Delgado,  University of Castilla-La Mancha,  Spain
  • Liangying  Chen,  Sichuan University,  China
  • Weifeng  Sun,  Dalian University of Technology,  China
  • Chaokun  Zhang,  Tianjin University,  China
  • Hazzaa  N. Alshareef,  Saudi Electronic University,  Saudi Arabia
  • Lei  Liu,  Xidian University,  China
  • Antonino  Rullo,  University of Calabria Rende,  Italy
  • Tianyi  Xu,  Tianjin University,  China

Track Co-Chairs

  • Heng  Qi,  Dalian University of Technology,  China
  • Vangalaur  Alagar,  Concordia University,  Canada
  • Sabu  M. Thampi,  Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management,  India
  • Chen  Chen,  Xidian University,  China
  • Rossi  Kamal,  Shanto-Mariam University of Creative Technology,  Bangladesh
  • Yanjun   Shi,  Dalian University of Technology,  China
  • Mohamed   Elhoseny,  Mansoura University,  Egypt
  • Hyunbum   Kim,  University of North Carolina at Wilmington,  USA
  • Hairong   Yan,  Beijing University of Technology,  China

Conference Secretaries

  • Yanqing  Fan,  Tianjin University,  China
  • Xiaoqiang  Zhu,  Tianjin University,  China

Steering Committee

  • Mahmoud  Daneshmand,  Stevens Institute of Technology,  USA
  • Huansheng  Ning,  University of Science and Technology Beijing,  China
  • Chunming  Rong,  University of Stavanger,  Norway
  • Tie  Qiu,  Tianjin University,  China

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