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Workshop: AIX: Human Centered Design of Artificial Intelligence Products

Organizers: Sudha Jamthe & Dr. Charles Ikem

Organizer bio and affiliations:

    Sudha Jamthe is the CEO of & Artificial Intelligence and AV Business Instructor at Stanford Continuing Studies and is the author of AIX: Designing Artificial Intelligence book. Ms. Jamthe is a globally recognized Technology Futurist with 20+ year mix of entrepreneurial, academic and operational experience from eBay, PayPal and GTE. author of three books on the Internet of Things and '2030 The Driverless World', chair of the strategic advisory board for Barcelona Technology School and an Ambassador for FundingBox Impact Connected Cars (Europe H2020) Community. Jamthe has an MBA from Boston University and enjoys mentoring leaders on digital transformation.

    Dr. Charles Ikem is an AI Designer and Global Service Design Expert. Dr.Ikem has over a decade experience in UX/UI and interaction design. Dr.Ikem helps organizations scale and use design as a source of innovation, learning, discovery and transformation. Dr.Ikem works at the intersection of design and technology and is ever curious on how design can foster new behavior for emerging technologies. Dr.Ikem has a strong understanding and leadership on product design for Internet technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, future of mobility and Autonomous vehicles. Dr.Ikem has a PhD (in Service Design with Internet of Things) from University of Padova, Italy and serves as an Academic Board Member at Barcelona Technology School.

    Together, Sudha Jamthe and Dr. Charles Ikem have designed and teach the AIX course online at DriverlessWorldSchool.

    Topic Details:

    IoT data is powering artificial intelligence in all forms of lives from our home, cities, cars to factories. AI is presented to the customer in the form of Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, Computer Vision and Voice interfaces. A human-centered experience is critical for such AI solutions to benefit customers, get their consent for usage of their data and the adoption of AI to make decisions to enrich their lives. This hackathon is about AIX, the design of Artificial Intelligence using data.

What is covered in this session:

     Come join us to learn AIX as a new framework to design Artificial Intelligence and to learn how to humanize and genderize the AI and design a customer-centered world where we will coexist with the AI. You will learn AIX to create the experiences for new interactive interfaces such as Machine Learning, Voice or Computer Vision.

    Target attendees: AI product managers, UI and UX Designers aspiring to become AI Designers and IoT and AI Innovators and business leaders.

    Morning Session (2 - 3 hours): Attendees will be grouped into small groups and will go through an interaction exercise to share AI product ideas that are driven by Voice or Machine Learning data. The attendees will learn AIX Design Framework designed by Dr.Charles Ikem. They will learn the AIX design process to breakdown the UX design into data needs, user needs and interface needs. The user needs will dictate if AI is the right tool to solve the user's needs. The data need will guide the user on what data needs to be collected to solve the customer problem and help with instrumentation and metrics definition for the IoT and AI solution. The interface need will help the user decide whether the user experience should be created using Voice or Computer Vision or Augmented Reality or should it be driven by machine learning and be an invisible interface where the data is invisible allowing for the AI to make decisions using the data. The attendees will learn how to take any product experience driven by data and apply AIX framework to design a human-centered AIX design. At the end of the morning session, attendees will review their learning and decide on what product they want to work on during the rest of the hackathon to apply the AIX Design Framework they have learnt. AIX covers all kinds of AI Interfaces but given the time constraints of the hackathon, we will focus on Voice and Machine Learning as our two AI interfaces for the afternoon session.

    Afternoon Session (3 hours): Attendees will work in groups to design their product using the AIX Design Framework. Organizers will mentor the groups on their AIX Design.

    Workshop Submission Due: 20 June 2020

    Author Notification: 5 July 2020

    Registration Due: 15 July 2020

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    Charles Ikem
    Via Venezia 1, 35131,Padova, Italy.
    Tel: +393511621588
    Twitter: @CharlyIkem

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